BACK TO BACK: Its official: Compudoc has won the Angies list “super service award” 2 years in a row!! We are also rank #1 on with a perfect 5 star rating at the same time!!

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Its official: Compudoc has won the Angies list super service award 2 years in a row in  Las Vegas with over 150 reviews and an “A” rating. We are also the highest ranked on with 27 ratings and ALL 5 stars (A perfect score)!!

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compudoc on yelp-5 star


Highest rated Computer repair company in Las Vegas for 2 years in a row on





SilentiumPC, new low profile Heatsink/Fan.

SilentiumPC has been a leading innovator in Air Coolers for CPU’s, known for their extremely powerful vapor chamber coolers. But they recently released an extremely low profile cooler called the Infantis LP812. Being a staggering 29.5mm tall, it definitely has it’s place for small cube and rectangular builds with minimal clearance. Using the same style of installation as normal Intel push-pin configurations, it should go in without any assistance of a backplate or mounting device. Unfortunately, no adapter or revision of it is currently made to support AMD but it is made specifically for the LGA 1150 socket for the 4th generation Haswell processors. It can dissipate up to 65 W of thermal energy being released from the processor while the 80mm fan works in unison to spin upwards of 600 to 3000 RPM’s to help. Definitely not for the overclocking kings of the world, but for only $19, it’s worth the buy. SilentiumPC_Infantis_LP812_01_w_600

Titan Z VS R9 295×2

Both the Titan Z and the R9 295×2 were released back early this year. But after extensive testing in several different categories. The clear winner is the R9 295×2

AMD completely blew this series high-end GPU’s out of the water compared to Nvidia. Both GPU’s went head to head, Nvidia going against the 295×2 with a nearly half the price of the Titan Z at a whopping $3,000 dollar price tag, compared to $1,499 for the 295×2

Figuring that large of a difference must account for loads of different performance for those extras dollars, right? Wrong.

Rigorous performance tests have been done over the last 3 months since it’s release. The 295×2 paces past the Titan Z at an entire 35% extra power gain compared to the Titan Z at half the price! Power consumption, clock speed, reference cooling, and of course overall performance the R9 295×2 completely demolishes the Titan Z. The only thing the Titan Z has going for it is the fact it rocks a higher memory clock speed and 12GBs of VRAM compared to the 295×2′s 8GBs VRAM, a small loss for such a massive gain at again, half the price!

If you truly need the best video card in the world, the R9 295×2 is the card to have.

  • 5632 Stream Processors. 2816 Per GPU
  • 8GBs GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM
  • Dual 512-bit Memory Interface
  • Dual Liquid Cooled GPU’s with 120mm radiator
  • Dedicated VRM 80mm Fan


Looking to add more gpus to my mining rig…wonder if this will work…

Ahh the possibilities…

PCIe2-460 PCI Express Gen2 Expansion Backplane


Nvidia reveals details about the Titan-Z

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z

NVIDIA began the GPU Technology conference today by revealing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z. This card has two GK110 GPU’s  together on to a single card giving it a total of 5760 CUDA cores and 12GB of on board ram!! NVIDIA is currently saying this card is capable of 8 TeraFLOPS and is made for 5K gaming!

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z

The design looks kind of like a  Titan, but they moved the fan from the rear of the card to the middle. Don’t get too excited unless you’ve got $3000 to spend on it ;)

KnCMiner Sells $2 Million worth of Titan Script Mining Machines in 4 Hours


Each one of these units selll for $9,995 each. While selling  200 units  is a good start, the company wants to sell 2500 units with this first offering . The Titan Mining Machine is targeted at mining alternative coins like Litecoin and Dogecoin. The unit is rated at 100 MH/s. The typical Radeon R9 290X is rated at 850 KH/s, or just under 1/mhz so you would need around 117 R9 290X’s to achieve the same hashing power.

With this machine coming to market, those who have spent a massive amount of money on multiple mining machines with expensive GPUs may look to this as another possibility . When you do the math, with the Titan’s current hash rate and current exchange rates of current crypto-currency it would take just over  a month for to get their $10,000K investment returned from purchasing the Titan.

The Titan is expected to ship sometime in the second or third quarter of 2014.

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