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7990 XFX VRM heat issue.

So I bought a couple of the fastest video cards out there for litecoin mining. The 6GB XFX 7990. These are two video cards merged into one. That all sounds really great right? I mean Im getting about 1.4 G/HASH out of each card:




G/hash speed from XFX 7990

7990 hash speed

This card is MASSIVE

Radeon XFX 7990

XFX 7990 6gb Triple D


I have added lots of cooling fans under the video card and on top and even at the back. This brings the GPUs down to a normal 80c +/- the problem crops its head after a short time under full load the vrm on the card gets up to 130c or for us americans 266 degrees Farenheit!!!!  Im not sure if this is a  fault in my specific card , or normal for the 7990 cards. I have to compare it with the other identical 7990 I have. Ive even dropped the core voltage from stock 1.2v to 1.15v. So I will be looking at solutions to cool the vrm in the next few days. Stay TUNED!

temp of 7990

VRM tempus of 7990 full load

Bitcoin and litecoin mining Las Vegas


So I had the honor of meeting and supporting George D. Greenberg one of the first bitcoin lawyers in the nation.

Attorney George Greenberg Las Vegas

George D Greenberg of Las Vegas

He is an amazing man with high integrity! Im still somewhat new myself and  just starting to get into litecoin mining, and it was a true pleasure to assist George in fixing his computers to get them to mine bitcoins. Its an exciting time , and for those of you interested in litecoin mining in Las Vegas contact me. We can customize a bitcoin or litecoin mining pc with massive mining power, or upgrade an exising pc to mine litecoin. We can also tutor you on setting up your accounts and software. We make litcoin mining easy, so its just a click of a button to start and stop your litecoin mining software. No one in Las Vegas makes bitcoin & litecoin minging easier than us! To find out more about George, click on the link :

5 Star rating on

For those prospective customers still on the fence weather or not to use my service, youve probably read that I won the super service award from angies list. I just checked my profile at and found this:

Categories: IT Services & Computer RepairElectronics Repair  [Edit]

708 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Neighborhood: Westside

(702) 871-1881

Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pmSat 9 am – 1 pm

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes


So hopefully you can see by this that I really do try hard , and do my best for my customers. Thank you.