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What free antivirus program is the best?

Im often asked which antivirus program is best.  Here are your choices and they are ALL excellent:

Free , lightweight and easy to understand. Download here: Panda Cloud Antivirus

A good way to choose, and remember a good anti-virus program is to remember “the three A’s”. You can find three very popular, exceptional anti-virus programs and you also can’t go wrong with any of them; Avast, Avira and AVG. They have all been with us a long time and if you prefer them; they all provide a pro version with an increase of protection.

Avast free is good too, although it tends to report many false positives. Download here: Avast! Free Edition

One of my personal favorites:

Avira can be downloaded here: Avira Free Antivirus 


AVG free. Ive been using it for years, and never had a problem. Download here


They are ALL excellent, the main thing is put ONE of these on your system, and dont leave yourself open to viruses!

Will bitcoin get banned!??!

A US senator is asking the federal government to take this remarkable step: completely ban Bitcoin.
Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator representing West Virginia, sent a letter Wednesday to the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, along with other regulators characterizing the virtual currency as encouraging “illicit activity” as well as being “highly unstable and disruptive to our economy. ”
Manchin, who is an associate of the Senate banking committee, suggested in the letter — titled “Manchin Demands Federal Regulators Ban Bitcoin” — that a complete prohibition was appropriate because Thailand, China, and South Korea have previously enacted severe restrictions or bans of these own.
It’s unlikely that the Federal Reserve and the executive branch contain the statutory authority to prohibit Bitcoin with out a new law enacted by Congress and signed by the president — making Manchin’s letter something of a publicity stunt. On the other hand, regulators likely do have the authority to levy more rules and restrictions on Bitcoin-related businesses that could increase costs, decrease interest among investors, and, at the margin, put some startups out of business.
Manchin and fellow Senate Democrat, Charles Schumer of New York, have targeted Bitcoin-related enterprises before. In a June 2011 letter to the Justice Department and DEA, the senators demanded a crackdown on the web marketplace Silk Road, saying: “The only method of payment for these illegal purchases is an untraceable peer-to-peer currency known as Bitcoins. ”
The letter might not have been accurate — Bitcoin is more traceable than many people realize — but it had the required effect. Last fall the FBI indicted a San Francisco man for allegedly operating Silk Road, and extra charges were levied this month.

Overstock makes nearly $1 million in sales in bitcoin the first month!

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is no stranger to being an early adopter of technology. that he was among the first to buy to one of Tesla’s Model S electric cards five years back and apparently, some things never change. As you may recall, Byrne’s company recently became the first major on the web retailer to accept Bitcoins.

So, how’s that working out for them thus far? Pretty good, actually.

According to Byrne, their website processed $870, 000 in sales from almost 4, 000 orders paid with Bitcoin. Strangely enough, the most popular item among virtual currency aficionados is bed sheets followed closely by computer hardware and cell phone accessories.

Of course, becoming the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin was no easy task. Payment processor Coinbase flew an employee out to Salt Lake City to help assist Overstock to make it a reality. They ostensibly locked 40 people in a room for a week to work out the kinks as becoming the first was bound to deliver a ton of positive press and business.

But Byrne’s curiosity about Bitcoin extends well past an extra payment method for Overstock. The CEO liquidated a few million dollars worth of his holdings in gold and converted it to Bitcoin. That he said he fundamentally desires to be able to pay vendors and employees in Bitcoin too when they choose. But exactly why is he doing this?

Because he desires to further the cause of Bitcoin, plain and simple.

Nvidia could certainly take over as the choice for GPU mining cards starting with the latest Cudaminer and the release of Maxwell based gpus AND latest drivers.

The biggest performance change we’ve seen yet has come with a new version of cudaMiner released yesterday. This new version dated  (2014-02-18) brings the first support for  Maxwell  based gpus, which was just released yesterday in the GTX 750 and 750 Ti. With support for Maxwell,altcoin mining is starting to look like a viable  option with this new NVIDIA GPU.

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Starting with the new version of cudaMiner on the reference nvidia card version of the GTX 750 Ti, this Nvidia card holders of this card and the latest cuda miner were able to achieve a hashrate of just under 300 KH/s,!!  This is really impressive when you compare it to the performance of the previous generation, Kepler-based GTX 650 Ti, which tops out at about 150KH/s or so.  Owners of older Nvidia based cards will still see a boost in performance with the latest cudaminer.

With the release of this new card , theoretically you could install  6 of the  750 Ti cards into a 990fx based motherboard for a total of $900, which is still significantly lower than the $1200 for 4 270Xs. With 6 x 750 Ti cards, the estimated GPU power draw would only be 360W, just above half of the power draw of the 270X machine. Adding in the same 75W for additional system components the total estimated power draw works out to 435W, which allows us to purchase a cheaper power supply.

The cards would cost about $900 and would hash at around 1.8MH/s.  Considering I spent $800 on my 7990, that hashes at about 1.3  MH/s. This seems like the way to go, AND you probably wont have all the major heat issues that the 7990 comes with! 

With 6 of the 750Ti installed in 1 rig, cudaminer would look like this:

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Anyone want to buy a 7990 cheap? ;)

Bing pwnage!

top of bing

#1 on bing X3

Yes.. Im the top of 3x over LOL!

Update: The news just keeps getting better:  Microsoft will now force you to use with all new pcs that include windows 8.1 AND if you dont buy a new pc, you WILL use anyway via windows update.

A fresh build of Windows 8. 1 update has leaked but unlike the previous leaks, the phrase ‘with Bing’ is included with the build that is a deviation from past releases. The leak originates from a partner build of Connected Core that has been leaked in both x86 and x64 flavors; the build number for this leak is 17024 whereas the last Windows 8. 1 update leak had a build number of 17025.

The interesting thing relating to this leak is the ‘with Bing’ attribute as this has maybe not been seen in previous leaks of the update 1 for Windows 8. 1 )

It’s not surprise that Windows 8 (in all variants) ships with Bing built in as the apps and search are now part of the OOBE. But this build specifically calls out Bing in the terms and service agreements as well as within the watermark in the bottom right corner.

There are hints to the fact this build is supposed for partners and might perhaps not be released as a general public build. What could this mean? Well, Microsoft could have still another install of Windows 8. 1 that doesn’t have Bing as built in as deeply as the vanilla flavor of Windows 8. 1 Update – While this could seem odd, it could reflect the EU’s relationship with taxing Microsoft for baking in its own services deeply into the OS.

Obviously, it would seem much more likely, if the above were true, that the build would be called ‘with Internet Explorer’ as that’s where Microsoft got dinged last time around, but for now, it’s only a simplified observation and not a statement of fact.

Windows 8. 1 update 1 is anticipated to arrive in April and will also be distributed via Windows update, rather than through the Windows Store. Many expect that Microsoft will announce Windows 8. 1 update 1 at its BUILD conference that takes place the very first week of April.

The distribution through Windows update generally seems to make a bit more sense than the Windows Store as there are no actual major features being introduced only minor tweaks across the board. Unlike the 8. 1 update that brought back the Start button, to the layman user, they may perhaps not notice many of the new features at first since many of them are quite subtle.

With about 5 weeks until the conference kicks off, we do not have to wait too much longer to learn more about the update for Windows 8. 1.