7990 VRM heat issue SOLVED!

So , after a few days of trying everything I could think of to resolve one of the vrm from overheating to 130°C or 266°F for us americans. Ill give you the short version. I tried EVERYTHING! I even bought 3 of the fastest and loudest and most powerful fans money can buy. They are called the vantec tornado, and each one runs at about 6000rpm and can push 119CFM. So I attatched 3 of these on my video card to see if I could bring down the heat. So with 3 of these I was pushing about 360CFM. To give you an idea of the power, a 1 ton home a/c unit pushes about 400CFM. See http://www.aricoplumbing.com/airconditioning/air-conditioner-system-sizing.aspx

To further make my point , these fans are so powerful they can levitate themselves see:  Vantec tornado levitation . These fans where incredibly loud, to the point I had to wear ear plugs! I installed these massive coolers and replaced the stock crap fans from XFX and the gpu temps came way down , BUT the VRM temps were still at 133°C, which is WAYYY too hot and in a short time will kill this card and I would be out $1000 :( So with this I concluded that there was still a major issue with the vrm cooling. So now I had to dismantle the card and take everything appart, and voiding my warranty at the same time. When I took off the vrm copper heatsink the problem was VERY obvious:

Heat issue solved on vrm 7990

reason for overheating on xfx 7990 vrms

Reason why voltage regulator management chips overheat on Radeon 7990 XFX:Reason why voltage regulator management chips overheat on Radeon 7990 XFX

Now as you can see in the pic above, the copper heatsinks only cover 1/2 of the VRMS!!  So, the other vrms have no cooling AT ALL!!! I did not have any thermal pads on hand so I used the thickest thermal grease I can find and that is artic silver 7. I covered the rest of the copper heat sink AND applied a THIN layer of thermal grease, and cleaned the gpus and re-applied grease there.

Here is the location outlined of the troubled VRMS:

vrm location on xfx 7990

vrm location on xfx 7990

Im really upset with XFX, that they would sell a $1000 graphics card and make such a MASSIVE blunder! The bonus is the only way to fix this is to fully dismantle your card , void your warranty, and risk killing your card (if you dont know what your doing).

On a positive note with the tornados installed, and the vrms properly pasted, ALL temps are way down.

New temps after 7990 xfx vrm fix

New temps after 7990 xfx vrm fix

I wanted to add that I have another identical card from XFX, I bought two of them at the same time (lucky me), and I was having issues with that card too. The vrms were pushing close to 100C , and that is not safe. So the issue on the second card was not as bad, and I dismatled it anyway. The vrms on that card were covered about 90%. I covered them completley with artic silver 7 and added a thin layer of grease.  The vrms came down to the low 90C range which I am still not happy with because Im quite sure this will lower the life of my card. In short I have theroized that XFX not only were negligent by not covering the vrms 100%, but ALSO the fans are not near as powerful enough. In conclusion if you want the temps you see above you need to do 5 things:

1. Make sure your vrms are covered 100%, and and a THIN layer of thermal grease on top of pads.

2. Buy MUCH more powerful fans. Newegg has some good Arctic fans that are powerful and not too loud. I would suggest no less than 40CFM EACH

3. Add an additional dual graphics card cooler under your 7990 and set it to high.

4. Buy a larger case, a FULL ATX is best, or atleast a case that can  accomadate an additional graphics cooler under your graphics card

5. Wear ear plugs ;)

Ive ordered some artic fans from new egg that can be thermal controlled via a pwm. One of the major issues I had with the vantec tornados is they cannot be thermal controlled. They run 100% full, 100% of the time, AND I had to cut my wires in my 7990 and solder the fans in!!

These are the fans I will be installing soon, they ALMOST move as much air as the tornados, but they can be speed controlled via the blue pwm wire thus, controlling noise. They will go faster when hot, and slow down when cooler, thus lowering noise.

arctic f9 pro pwm

arctic f9 pro pwm

These will not only look better than the original stock XFX crap fans, but will move more air, and be less noisy than the tornados AND will slow down when needed via PWM.

Im quite sure there will be a class action lawsuit against XFX as its no mistake that I ordered 2 of them , and they both have MAJOR heat issues. Ill be the first in line when that happends, meanwhile, I wanted the let the 7990 XFX owner know what was really happening and how they can help themselves until then!