7990 XFX VRM heat issue.

So I bought a couple of the fastest video cards out there for litecoin mining. The 6GB XFX 7990. These are two video cards merged into one. That all sounds really great right? I mean Im getting about 1.4 G/HASH out of each card:




G/hash speed from XFX 7990

7990 hash speed

This card is MASSIVE

Radeon XFX 7990

XFX 7990 6gb Triple D


I have added lots of cooling fans under the video card and on top and even at the back. This brings the GPUs down to a normal 80c +/- the problem crops its head after a short time under full load the vrm on the card gets up to 130c or for us americans 266 degrees Farenheit!!!!  Im not sure if this is a  fault in my specific card , or normal for the 7990 cards. I have to compare it with the other identical 7990 I have. Ive even dropped the core voltage from stock 1.2v to 1.15v. So I will be looking at solutions to cool the vrm in the next few days. Stay TUNED!

temp of 7990

VRM tempus of 7990 full load