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SilentiumPC, new low profile Heatsink/Fan.

SilentiumPC has been a leading innovator in Air Coolers for CPU’s, known for their extremely powerful vapor chamber coolers. But they recently released an extremely low profile cooler called the Infantis LP812. Being a staggering 29.5mm tall, it definitely has it’s place for small cube and rectangular builds with minimal clearance. Using the same style of installation as normal Intel push-pin configurations, it should go in without any assistance of a backplate or mounting device. Unfortunately, no adapter or revision of it is currently made to support AMD but it is made specifically for the LGA 1150 socket for the 4th generation Haswell processors. It can dissipate up to 65 W of thermal energy being released from the processor while the 80mm fan works in unison to spin upwards of 600 to 3000 RPM’s to help. Definitely not for the overclocking kings of the world, but for only $19, it’s worth the buy. SilentiumPC_Infantis_LP812_01_w_600

Titan Z VS R9 295×2

Both the Titan Z and the R9 295×2 were released back early this year. But after extensive testing in several different categories. The clear winner is the R9 295×2

AMD completely blew this series high-end GPU’s out of the water compared to Nvidia. Both GPU’s went head to head, Nvidia going against the 295×2 with a nearly half the price of the Titan Z at a whopping $3,000 dollar price tag, compared to $1,499 for the 295×2

Figuring that large of a difference must account for loads of different performance for those extras dollars, right? Wrong.

Rigorous performance tests have been done over the last 3 months since it’s release. The 295×2 paces past the Titan Z at an entire 35% extra power gain compared to the Titan Z at half the price! Power consumption, clock speed, reference cooling, and of course overall performance the R9 295×2 completely demolishes the Titan Z. The only thing the Titan Z has going for it is the fact it rocks a higher memory clock speed and 12GBs of VRAM compared to the 295×2′s 8GBs VRAM, a small loss for such a massive gain at again, half the price!

If you truly need the best video card in the world, the R9 295×2 is the card to have.

  • 5632 Stream Processors. 2816 Per GPU
  • 8GBs GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM
  • Dual 512-bit Memory Interface
  • Dual Liquid Cooled GPU’s with 120mm radiator
  • Dedicated VRM 80mm Fan


Yahoo partners with Yelp to fight Google.


Searching on Yahoo will now deliver local business reviews from Yelp, through a partnership that could help Yahoo search compete against Google, or at the least make it more useful.

Yahoo said Wednesday that it had partnered with Yelp, as part of its efforts to offer a richer experience to its users. Financial terms of the partnership are not disclosed.

The announcement confirms rumors surrounding Yahoo’s curiosity about Yelp to improve its local search results. Yahoo’s revenue has sagged in recent quarters, and an enhanced version of search could help generate more ad sales.

yahoo yelp
Yahoo’s search partnership with Yelp will integrate results from the Yelp app.

The integration with Yelp is a content partnership, a Yahoo spokeswoman said. Yelp user reviews, business information, star ratings and photos will be in the right-hand panel as part of the changes. The listings will appear in the results for Yahoo search as well as within Yahoo maps, for desktop, smartphone and tablet users in the U. S.

Links to directions within Yahoo maps, business hours and menus also can be found in Yahoo’s local search results.

The integration does not appear yet to generate Yelp’s listings for each business in Yelp, though additional listings will be added in the coming months, Yahoo said.

Yelp has exploded to become a popular service, but whether it will help Yahoo simply take market share away from Google is a tall order. Google has provided a range of similar information about local businesses through its search results for some time now.

The Yelp partnership comes as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer seeks to make other improvements in search. Mayer recently said that “contextual search, ” particularly on mobile phones, would be a focus going forward. Contextual search, she said, could provide people with more personalized content by detecting signals from their environments.

On mobile devices, Yahoo’s app already incorporates the user’s location to display more relevant search engine results such as restaurants and movie times.

Razer Launches ‘World First Mechanical Switch Designed For Gaming’ Keyboards

You won’t find a bigger fanbase of mechanical keyboards than Razer followers, which is why its very exciting to see razer push the envelope when it comes to their products. Razer’s latest product is aimed straight at gamers. It’s a mechanical keyboard technology that is specifically made for gamers first, and typing second, while most of the keyboards on the market cater typists first.

As you’d expect, Razer invested a bit of time in researching the wants of gamers, identifying the “optimal actuation distance for a gaming switch to a fraction of a millimeter and reduced the exact distance between the actuation and reset point by almost half to allow for faster, more precise gaming commands when comparing to standard mechanical switches. ” Razer also claims that the lifespan of the board approaches 60 million (yes, with a capital M) key strokes.

The brand new technology is currently available on the brand new Razer BlackWidow family of gaming keyboards, and amazingly, Razer’s making it available to “other gaming peripheral makers who wish to manufacture” high-grade mechanical keyboards of these own. The all new Razer Mechanical Switch comes in two types: The Razer Green switch that is tactile and clicky, requiring a force of 50 g to actuate; and the Razer Orange switch that is tactile yet silent, requiring a force of 45 g to actuate.



Bing pwnage!

top of bing

#1 on bing X3

Yes.. Im the top of 3x over LOL!

Update: The news just keeps getting better:  Microsoft will now force you to use with all new pcs that include windows 8.1 AND if you dont buy a new pc, you WILL use anyway via windows update.

A fresh build of Windows 8. 1 update has leaked but unlike the previous leaks, the phrase ‘with Bing’ is included with the build that is a deviation from past releases. The leak originates from a partner build of Connected Core that has been leaked in both x86 and x64 flavors; the build number for this leak is 17024 whereas the last Windows 8. 1 update leak had a build number of 17025.

The interesting thing relating to this leak is the ‘with Bing’ attribute as this has maybe not been seen in previous leaks of the update 1 for Windows 8. 1 )

It’s not surprise that Windows 8 (in all variants) ships with Bing built in as the apps and search are now part of the OOBE. But this build specifically calls out Bing in the terms and service agreements as well as within the watermark in the bottom right corner.

There are hints to the fact this build is supposed for partners and might perhaps not be released as a general public build. What could this mean? Well, Microsoft could have still another install of Windows 8. 1 that doesn’t have Bing as built in as deeply as the vanilla flavor of Windows 8. 1 Update – While this could seem odd, it could reflect the EU’s relationship with taxing Microsoft for baking in its own services deeply into the OS.

Obviously, it would seem much more likely, if the above were true, that the build would be called ‘with Internet Explorer’ as that’s where Microsoft got dinged last time around, but for now, it’s only a simplified observation and not a statement of fact.

Windows 8. 1 update 1 is anticipated to arrive in April and will also be distributed via Windows update, rather than through the Windows Store. Many expect that Microsoft will announce Windows 8. 1 update 1 at its BUILD conference that takes place the very first week of April.

The distribution through Windows update generally seems to make a bit more sense than the Windows Store as there are no actual major features being introduced only minor tweaks across the board. Unlike the 8. 1 update that brought back the Start button, to the layman user, they may perhaps not notice many of the new features at first since many of them are quite subtle.

With about 5 weeks until the conference kicks off, we do not have to wait too much longer to learn more about the update for Windows 8. 1.