I’ve had a reference addition/ECS GTX 580 for a few months now. I’ve had a good chance to really stress everything this card can do. Honestly, old cards still do their job quite well. The shroud was held from the back with 16 star shaped screws to hold it in place. and keeping the heat in place to allow it to only exhaust at the back of the card. I didn’t think much of the reference cooler at first, but I realized the planning and thought behind it once opening the card up. It’s extremely efficient, even under the extreme overclocking I had in place.

Under the shroud. you have a single fan and a massive block-style heat sink on the GPU, screwed down with the traditional 4 bolts on the back. I had no luck on reducing the temps any further with 4 different types of Thermal Paste. But it still stays under 70 degrees Celsius which is more than enough to satisfy me in terms of thermal control.


IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0196

Overall, solid card, even after it’s time. Especially with a vintage ECS graphic on the top.