Intel offers performance ssd for gamers and video editing

Earlier in the day, Intel had a demo about SSDs where you can overlock your controller clock speed and its NAND chips. But the chipmaker ditched the idea because they couldn’t offer full warranty support on a drive where its performance can be manipulated by the users. Intel calls its 730 Series as the model for digital content creation, video editing, capture and for hardcore gamers.



Instead, Intel decided to introduce the 730 series SSD with a 50% boost in controller speed compared to its older models. The 730 series SSD features a spped increase from 400 MHz to 600 MHz, and a 20% bump in NAND flash NAND’s speed from 83MHz to 100 MHz.

The Intel 730 Series SSDs have started in a few pre-order offers, from online retailers, which will be shipped on 18th of March. The 240GB version costs $250 and 480GB is priced at $480