Nvidia could certainly take over as the choice for GPU mining cards starting with the latest Cudaminer and the release of Maxwell based gpus AND latest drivers.

The biggest performance change we’ve seen yet has come with a new version of cudaMiner released yesterday. This new version dated  (2014-02-18) brings the first support for  Maxwell  based gpus, which was just released yesterday in the GTX 750 and 750 Ti. With support for Maxwell,altcoin mining is starting to look like a viable  option with this new NVIDIA GPU.

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Starting with the new version of cudaMiner on the reference nvidia card version of the GTX 750 Ti, this Nvidia card holders of this card and the latest cuda miner were able to achieve a hashrate of just under 300 KH/s,!!  This is really impressive when you compare it to the performance of the previous generation, Kepler-based GTX 650 Ti, which tops out at about 150KH/s or so.  Owners of older Nvidia based cards will still see a boost in performance with the latest cudaminer.

With the release of this new card , theoretically you could install  6 of the  750 Ti cards into a 990fx based motherboard for a total of $900, which is still significantly lower than the $1200 for 4 270Xs. With 6 x 750 Ti cards, the estimated GPU power draw would only be 360W, just above half of the power draw of the 270X machine. Adding in the same 75W for additional system components the total estimated power draw works out to 435W, which allows us to purchase a cheaper power supply.

The cards would cost about $900 and would hash at around 1.8MH/s.  Considering I spent $800 on my 7990, that hashes at about 1.3  MH/s. This seems like the way to go, AND you probably wont have all the major heat issues that the 7990 comes with! 

With 6 of the 750Ti installed in 1 rig, cudaminer would look like this:

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Anyone want to buy a 7990 cheap? ;)