Samsung Smart Watch info. What we know so far

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Talk of Apple’s iWatch has suddenly given way to Samsung’s new smart watch, that Samsung has tentatively said will be presented on September 4th in Berlin, prior to the IFA Conference.
It is rumored to be known as “Galaxy Gear” and is supposedly going to be a “concept device”. What exactly this means is not really known – it is not clear if the watch is going to be ready for shipment in Septemberor if what will be shown as just a prototype of what it will be.
Other rumors of whether the watch will be a flexible style design or not have not been confirmed yet.
Both Apple and Samsung are reportedly putting a lot of emphasis in the smart watch arena, in an effort to keep growth as new product markets avail themselves. But new competition could potentially take a piece of the watch market as device and accessory makers, even fashion designers, are poised to compete in the field. birthday is in early September too ;) Samsung Galaxy