Seagate Now Vowing to Release 6TB Drive

Currently, Western Digital is the only company with a 6 TB drive on the market, named as the Ultrastar He6. This drive is a world’s first in that it uses helium, is hermetically sealed, and has the largest capacity in the Hard Drive market. (In a single 3.5 inch form factor of course.) The helium-based drive was released back in November, and now Seagate is vowing to offer its own 6 TB solution this April.

“We are continuing to expand our offering of high capacity drives with our six-disk, 6 TB drive shipping early next quarter,” said Steve Luczo, chairman and chief executive of Seagate during a conference call with investors and financial analysts for launching the anticipated drive.

Unfortunately, Seagate did not provide additional details other than the drive will be marketed to the enterprise sector. 52002624

Western Digital’s drive has absolutely staggering features compared to Seagate’s 6TB drive including 23% lower idle power usage. Also, a near 50% better watts-per-terabyte ratio.

I personally look forward to the Read/Write and efficiency that Seagate can produce to combat WD, especially at these absolutely massive capacity drives.