SilentiumPC, new low profile Heatsink/Fan.

SilentiumPC has been a leading innovator in Air Coolers for CPU’s, known for their extremely powerful vapor chamber coolers. But they recently released an extremely low profile cooler called the Infantis LP812. Being a staggering 29.5mm tall, it definitely has it’s place for small cube and rectangular builds with minimal clearance. Using the same style of installation as normal Intel push-pin configurations, it should go in without any assistance of a backplate or mounting device. Unfortunately, no adapter or revision of it is currently made to support AMD but it is made specifically for the LGA 1150 socket for the 4th generation Haswell processors. It can dissipate up to 65 W of thermal energy being released from the processor while the 80mm fan works in unison to spin upwards of 600 to 3000 RPM’s to help. Definitely not for the overclocking kings of the world, but for only $19, it’s worth the buy. SilentiumPC_Infantis_LP812_01_w_600