Titan Z VS R9 295×2

Both the Titan Z and the R9 295×2 were released back early this year. But after extensive testing in several different categories. The clear winner is the R9 295×2

AMD completely blew this series high-end GPU’s out of the water compared to Nvidia. Both GPU’s went head to head, Nvidia going against the 295×2 with a nearly half the price of the Titan Z at a whopping $3,000 dollar price tag, compared to $1,499 for the 295×2

Figuring that large of a difference must account for loads of different performance for those extras dollars, right? Wrong.

Rigorous performance tests have been done over the last 3 months since it’s release. The 295×2 paces past the Titan Z at an entire 35% extra power gain compared to the Titan Z at half the price! Power consumption, clock speed, reference cooling, and of course overall performance the R9 295×2 completely demolishes the Titan Z. The only thing the Titan Z has going for it is the fact it rocks a higher memory clock speed and 12GBs of VRAM compared to the 295×2′s 8GBs VRAM, a small loss for such a massive gain at again, half the price!

If you truly need the best video card in the world, the R9 295×2 is the card to have.

  • 5632 Stream Processors. 2816 Per GPU
  • 8GBs GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM
  • Dual 512-bit Memory Interface
  • Dual Liquid Cooled GPU’s with 120mm radiator
  • Dedicated VRM 80mm Fan